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This post is a short one, but a profound one. Sometimes in life,we hurt people. We do and/ or say fucked up things. As I’m still going through the process of clearing, with that comes reconciliation.

So here it goes.

To anyone reading this who was hurt by past actions, I’m sorry.

At one point in my life, I

Drank too much

Was selfish

Didn’t deal with my shit

Was judgemental

Was miserable

Was Insecure

Over the past few years I’ve wrestled demons, cut people off because I no longer wanted to participate in shared commiserating and dysfunction, and started the healing process. In reflection, I was an asshole. Not all of the time. But a lot of the time.

I offer this post as an acknowledgement of those past transgressions, and hope it serves as a reminder that none of us are perfect. We’ve all done something or said something that caused harm to another person. We are all wrestling demons.

Look them in the face.

Make them tap out.

Own your shit.

Keep growing.



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