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The Second Act

On July 5th 2018, I hit a new milestone. I reached my 40th birthday! I spent it with the two people I loved most in the world, my husband (Phillip) and my son (Theo). We went out for breakfast at my favorite spot (West Egg Cafe off of Howell Mill Road. Try it out if you’ve never been, the food is delicious and they have a tofu scramble to DIE FOR). The following week, I went to the Cayman Islands. I said the Cayman…fricking…Islands. The very first stamp on my passport and certainly not the last. As I was at the end of the my trip and sitting in the airport waiting to board a flight home, my Facebook notifications starting lighting up. It was a group that I belong to, The Sacred Chill Squad.

A little bit of background: Sacred Chill {west} is a yoga studio owned by two of the most amazing instructors in Atlanta; Octavia Raheem and Meryl Arnett or as they are affectionately referred to: O&M. I started practicing there in 2016, and my life has been forever touched by my experiences at this studio.

Anyway- back to the story. So I’m in the airport, and I see all these posts about the squad rolling out to Dirty South Yoga Fest on July 22nd (which was today BTW) to support O&M and fellowship for the day. As I read the conversation on the post, the old me, the me I’ve been trying to bury and put to bed started coming up with EVERY excuse not to go. “You’re too old to be hanging out with some of these women.” “You’re not a strong enough student to take these classes.” “All these yogis that are going to be there are going to be fit. You’re still a little fluffy in the middle, girl.”  Then the NEW me, Chapter 2 me (I’ll explain that in a minute) shouted old me down. “Bullshit, Chapter 1!! These are all the lies you are ALWAYS telling yourself. Rashida, don’t you listen to Chapter 1. She’s insecure and that ain’t you. You’re a bad-ass. Get your shit together and go.” And so I did. I am SO GLAD I did. I spent the day with amazing, smart beautiful women who only seek to uplift others and grow. I stepped outside of my boundaries and took a tantra yoga class (smirk). I connected with my ancestors and took a kemetic yoga class. And when it was all said and done,  I was standing 20 Feet Tall (best Erykah Badu song to practice to BTW.) And I feel in love with Chapter 2 me. Me 2.0.

Chapter 2 me is the me that I plan on being this second half of my life. Phillip and I had a conversation one night and in that conversation he said “The 1st half of my life is behind me. Now is where the work begins. How do I want to spend the second chapter of my life?” That conversation sat with me and until today, I didn’t really understand why it resonated. Today, all the dots connected. Chapter 2 me is going to be a risk taker. Chapter 2 me is going to love my friends and family a little bit harder. Chapter two me is going to just buy the damn plane tickets, or take the damn class, or just DO THE DAMN THING that Chapter 1 me always said she couldn’t. Chapter 2 me is going to live out her second act with purpose. I’m bringing you all along for the ride. Maybe you’ll be inspired along the way. Get Ready.

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