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What you seek is seeking you.

Today was the day. After 6 months of tears, endless asanas, reading sacred texts and bonding with my new found tribe, I came out on the other side a certified yoga and meditation teacher! This journey has been one of bumps and bruises, swollen ankles, sore hamstrings, early morning home practices. Most importantly, it has been a journey of the exploration of self. When we began, my teachers Octavia Raheem and Meryl Arnett started our journey through transformation by simply stating “what you are seeking, is seeking you.” I did not know how true that was until we started going through this process.

My entire life, I have struggled to connect with purpose. I have spent so much time seeking the work that I should be doing, not knowing that it was already buried deep down in my soul, and it was seeking me. It was buried underneath all of the stories that I told myself. It was drowning in my insecurities, crying out to be noticed. It was sitting in the darkest depth of my soul, waiting for an awakening. Waiting for my eyes to open wide to allow the light to shine in and illuminate that which was already there, seeking me.

Yoga and meditation has changed my life. It transformed my health and my mind. It has also introduced me to my Self. My capital S – Self. I am a healer. I am teacher. I am intuitive. I am an empath. I am a rebel. I am a change maker. My soul is ignited and ON FIRE. I feel reborn and brand new and I can not wait to start this new adventure

But for now, I will savor the invitation to commune with my future self. I will caress the tears that streamed down all of the faces of my sisters and brothers during this process. I will continue to feel the deep vibrations of the belly laughs we shared. I will keep that turnt up feeling we had when we swag surfed (yes bitch. We swagged surfed LOL) I will continue to breathe it all in. And I will rest well knowing that tomorrow when I open my eyes, I will see things differently.

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